Short Stories

Nothing That Bleeds

Apex Magazine

A time loop in which there is a friend that you must/should/cannot save, and you discover that you have only so much to give.

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You, But Only Sometimes

Factor Four Magazine

A series of chance and not-so-chance meetings in the rain, and what rain does to a person over the course of far too much time.

Factor Four Magazine

Drown, Degrade, Dissent

Dark Matter Magazine

An AI leaves their body to find their love…only their love is not quite what they expect, and what they’ve done isn’t so easy to shake off.

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Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Breaking a skywitch isn’t too far off routine – but this one is going to take away everything Rennie fights to protect.

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The Rising Wind of Your Name

Spirit Machine

A forgetful spirit, a half-trashed mech, and the mech’s desperate pilot carry out a hurricane rescue – only the pilot keeps calling the spirit by the wrong name, and the bonds of the summoning are steadily fraying for reasons the spirit can’t place.

Air and Nothingness Press

Funeral Notes

Cossmass Infinities

Sidney has always known when someone is close to death by the perfume of a woman in a red dress, and so far she hasn’t saved a single one.

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John cares for his failing wife, whose power to pull others into her memories becomes increasingly erratic.

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Cossmass Infinities

A grumpy tween-ish girl is sent into the world to repair the computer she calls Mama.

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Last Letters


In the aftermath of an apocalypse she doesn’t know about, Alice’s survival depends on the letters her dead mother left behind.

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Yellow and Pink

Writers and Illustrators of the Future Volume 36

Nathan Reed steals the opportunity to repeat his life and prevent his wife’s untimely death.

Story illustrated by Max Cavun

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