2022 Awards Eligibility

It’s been a hell of a year.

Before I go off on my list of 2022 publications, I need to say thank you to a whole lot of people. Firstly, my critique group, without whom none of these stories would have seen the light of day. Secondly, all of the editors who believed in my work – I cannot tell you how much it means to me, but I think if you’re out there doing editing work, you understand. Last, but not least, thank you so so much to everyone who has read these stories. If each of these connects even with only one person, then I’m glad I wrote them.

Not all of the stories I’m expecting to come out this year are quite out yet, but a girl can throw a preorder link up in the meantime, right? Right.

All of these are eligible in the short fiction category (though one is technically microfiction, which I’m fairly sure Hugos and Nebulas treat like short stories). Listed in order of publication.

The Rising Wind of Your Name at Air and Nothingness Press

Witchbreaker at Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Drown, Degrade, Dissent at Dark Matter Magazine (also eligible for the Bram Stoker Award®)

You, But Only Sometimes at Factor Four Magazine

Nothing That Bleeds at Apex Magazine

Prototype in Human Monsters from Dark Matter INK (available October 18; also eligible for the Bram Stoker Award®)

Those are all the stories I know are coming out this year! I’ll update this if any surprises pop up. Thanks for reading and considering, friends! Whether you vote for ’em or not, I hope you enjoy the tales.

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